Clash Royale Summer Update 2021 Announced; New Card unveiled.

Bagging over 100 million plus downloads, Clash Royale is a strategy game by developer Supercell, and she is launching Clash Royale Summer Update soon. What’s it about?

On the 7th of June, they announced via their blog and Twitter page; What’s New of Clash Royale Summer Update 2021.

Features Of Clash Royale Summer Update

Clash Royale Summer Update: Goblin Drill
Credit: ClashRoyale

Here’s what to expect of the upcoming Clash Royale Summer Update of 2021:


According to the article published by Clash Royale via their blog,

We extended the Trophy Road to 8000 trophies and moved the start of the Leagues to 5000 trophies! We’ve also reviewed the early season reset for it to be dynamic.

They also clearly explained the upcoming Trophy Road and the possible Arenas for the event.

In regards to Leagues, Clash Royale further stated,

The Leagues now start at 5000 trophies, and the more you climb, the less you’ll get reset at the end of a season.

⚫ Golds and Crates

All clashers are in love with golds and crates, it’s a confirmed way of getting to the top.

It was noted gamers can now find the Gold crates in the chest cycle when they arrive King Level 11 in the upcoming Summer Update. According to ClashRoyale,

The chance of one of these Crates dropping increases with the King Level. There are 3 variations:

  • 3HRs Gold Crate
  • 8HRs Gold Crate
  • 12HRs Gold Crate

⚫ New Card: Goblin Drill

Yea, it seems goblins have been busy with technology lately and coming out with drills for the upcoming update.

With the Goblin Drill, you are unleashing an unexpected surprise to your opponent as you tunnel your way under the Arena and unloading Goblins of destruction next to your opponents towers. Exciting right!

The card is ready to roll with just a 4 Elixir cost.

⚫ Improvements Made

Here are the improvements coming in summer:

⚫ Fixed multiple issues reported by players

⚫ Fixed 50+ members in war bug

⚫ Fixed Magic Coin and trades bug

⚫ Fixed drop glitch

⚫ Players can now spectate SCID friends battles

⚫ Fixed some issues for Fisherman

⚫ Bandit’s dash no longer continues after the timer reaches zero

⚫ Removed Strike icon from Pass Royale

⚫ Fixed missing Mirror deployment animation

⚫ Localization fixes/updates

⚫ UI Improvements

Once the update is available, your can check out PlaySubtly and update your ClashRoyale.

Source: ClashRoyale Blog

Clash Royale Summer Update

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