Downloading GTA 5 for Android 2021 is Illegal and Unsafe

The truth behind GTA 5 for Android.

GrandTheft Auto 5 is the most recent franchise of RockStar and the most successful ever made. The game is incredible I must say, but there is something mobile gamers have to know, downloading GTA V for Android is illegal and unsafe.

The truth behind GTA 5 for Android 2021

Rockstar has in mind the satisfaction of every grand theft auto gamer, in that respect, mobile gamers are surely being considered. Before we talk about the dangers of downloading GTA V for Andriod, let’s take a look at this question from a recent post on PlaySubtly. Is GTA 5 for Android a possibility in 2021?

No, no and no, it’s not, if you have gone through the article linked to the question above, you will probably do what’s best, become discouraged from finding a site out there who is ready to offer you GTA 5 for Android APK.

Downloading GTA 5 for Android 2021

True as it is, a lot of website out there offers GTA V for Android devices. If we take a stroll into YouTube or Google search for “download GTA 5 for mobile,” we are definitely going to get promising videos and convincing results, but you have to beware. Most, if not all of the download links and files are nothing but trouble, they contain malware’s and viruses, waiting for an ignorant and desperate victim. If not careful, one can lose his account (like social media) and also his data as well.

RockStar totally discourage gamers from engaging in such illegal downloads as the game is yet to be compatible for Android. GTA IV as previous as it is, is not yet compatible for Android devices. If you seek to play a grand theft auto in 2020, check this series out, they are officially released by developer RockStar.

⚫Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

⚫Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

⚫Grand Theft Auto III

⚫Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

⚫Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA V has only been officially released on the platforms below.

⚫PlayStation 3

⚫Xbox 360

⚫PlayStation 4

⚫Xbox One

⚫Microsoft Windows

The game has been announced for coming next-gen consoles, PS5 and XBox Series X

Is GTA V going to be out for Android?

What do you think? Of course yes, one of the most populated gamers in the world are mobile gamers. RockStar has them in mind that’s why they have released most GTA series for Android. The problem at hand now is that not much mobile are compatible with the game. Patience is a virtue, gamers must embrace it to be safe. The reality of GTA V for Andriod is going to be around 2025.

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