Biography, Career, Education Of Donald Akpeh (SubtlyAR)

Donald Akpeh SubtlyAR

Who is Donald Akpeh?

Nicknamed and best known as SubtlyAR for most of his works, social profiles and profession, Donald Akpeh is a Nigerian blogger, among the most recent set of generations to embrace the blogoshpere. Following the likes of successful celeb bloggers; Linda Ikeji, Makinde of Naijaloaded, Uche of Bella Naija, Omere Kelly of Just Naija, Solomon of Soloplay and much more others, he strives to build the next big thing.

He differs and turns out running a different blogging path from the most popular industry in Nigeria, the Entertainment Industry. Driven by video games from a tender age, he strives to reach the very top of the gaming industry in Nigeria.

NameDonald Akpeh
State Of OriginDelta State
AwardNominee 2021 Nigeria Campus Awards (NCA)

Biography Of Donald Akpeh (SubtlyAR)

SubtlyAR was born in Delta State on 19th of June, 2002. Raised like every child born in the Baptist Christian home, he grew up in the Christian way going through Sunbeam to RA.

He attend PHCN Staff Secondary, Sapele. Right from his primary education, he loved video games and would spend his week days mostly on the SEGA console that’s if he gets to win over the TV with his brother Despidajo.

His Java mobile then was numbered to posses over a hundred games, like literally, the NCA nominee really loves the entertainment games bring and won’t mind re-playing finished games all over again, and do spends his exam on it, hoping not to get caught least spending his entire holiday without video games. Donald never failed a subject, he became the Games prefect of his set during his secondary education, and that year saw the journey of a career.

Donald Akpeh (SubtlyAR) Career

He was inspired and created his first blog/website in 2018 with the assistance of a childhood friend who is currently running, “the joy in creating your first website is pretty unique even when you not sure of what you doing, the beginning of an uncertain journey, achieving something modern and technological” he told daddy bull during an interview.

He currently work as a Blogging Mentor/Content Creator under the bull network. He draws illustrations and cartoons as well, and a talented gamer hoping to become a video game streamer soon. The Covid-19 wasn’t a funny pandemic to the world at large, but it saw the young lad launching his childhood dreams.

“Create, fail, create fail, we all have to go through that journey to find out our treasure, time is an experience and skills learnt and developed in time worth alot.” Donald Akpeh is the founder and current head of PlaySubtly, a mobile games store which he plans to turn into something much more, a dream awakening to be a reality. Least we forget, he is an SEO expert and a website designer who current worked on the recent female online shop in Nigeria, Kinsef.

Donald Akpeh (SubtlyAR) Education

He is currently an undergraduate in the Federal University Of Petroleum Resources, Effurn; studying chemical engineering.

Keep an eye close on what tomorrow is going to bring for him, least I forget, Donald is an explorer. We wish him success on his career.

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