How to get good in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops is filled with action. If you love the thrills, this COD installment is what you need. But mind you, the fights are tough, and even the maps are smaller, making it difficult to hide all the time from other players.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

So, what are you going to do to stop dying so much but killing more? How do you last longer in the game without falling at the mercy of the PROs all the time? 

This article will share some tips for that. We have some pro tips that can help you improve in Black Ops. Also, you can use Cold War Cheats at the beginning to make the experience worthwhile before anything else. So, read on to learn more. 

Black Ops Cold War Tips for better Play

How to get good in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

  • Learn from the experts and practice

The first thing you must do is watch those who know the game playing it. Thankfully there are many places to learn from the masters, and one of them is YouTube. Take time to research those gamers who teach people how to play and then watch them play. These players include Scump, Simp, Arcitys, FormaL, etc. Learn what these guys have to say and how they approach them game before moving forward from there. 

When you learn one or two strategies and move from them, practice it all with the bots. A custom game will allow you to improve on your aiming and shooting before playing the actual game. 

  • Study the playground 

 The game is usually filled with trigger-happy players, and as a newbie, you must be amongst them. So, before you dive into such a hot environment, you need to study everything about it. Thankfully, that’s why the maps are there to guide you. So grab them and study them. The main things you need to identify and memorize are the vantage points, common routes, blind corners, camping spots, etc. 

Knowing where all these places are on the map, you can dive and duck easily while shooting it out with them. Also, you can easily ambush others since you already know where they might be coming out from. 

  • Use the best guns

 The game is all about shooting, and if you don’t use suitable guns, you’re already at a disadvantage. So, to play better, make sure that you choose your weapons wisely. For instance, if you’re playing sniper, grab guns like Pellington and Tundra. According to professionals, these guns are great for snipers. But it would help if you leveled them up to get the scopes that will help you fire accurately. 

  • Make sure you’re listening. 

One other action you must take is to listen. Every action in these games makes some sounds, and you can use that to your advantage. For instance, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a player running towards you or away from you. The footsteps and the sound can help you decide on the next action. Also, shots are usually noisy and can also work to your advantage. But to aid you in this, make sure your headphone is the right one to enhance the sounds to your benefit. 

  • Experiment with your settings 

Many players have settings that work for them. But if you’re still trying to master the game, you need to experiment a little to find the right one for you. Some of the settings to check are your sensitivity, audio, field of view, motion blur, etc. 

According to pro players, you should increase your FOV while placing the motion blur on OFF. As for audio, ensure you boost it to give you an upper hand against others, especially when they make noise in-game. Sensitivity is a setting you have to decide on where to place it. If you need lesser control and precision, you can keep it high, but for the opposite, keep it lower. But your position will depend on your expertise and what works for you.  


Black Ops is challenging, but you can also improve your skills. Like we’ve shared above, make sure you learn from those who understand the game and have gotten some tricks up their sleeves. Then practice with bots, and learn to shoot better. After that, choose the right weapons and adjust some settings to suit your play style. 


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