PUBG New State For Android And IOS Is Ready For 2021

PUBG New State for Android and IOS is an upcoming futuristic battle royale mobile game of Developer Krafton.

The upcoming hit ever since it’s introduction has been on trend in the gaming community, with screenshots and trailer very promising.


PUBG New State takes place years after the current PUBG games (which are set in approximately modern times) on a new map called Troi and promises to bring with it a slew of near-future weapons and vehicles, like drones and deployable combat shields. The game is set in 2051, get ready to behold the future.

In regards to released screenshots, it’s creation is on a vibe similar vibe to fellow shooter Call of Duty’s semi-futuristic military tech form games like Black Ops 3 and 4.

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PUBG New State For Android And IOS Release Date

Officially, PUBG has been uploaded on playstore with only pre-registration feature. The upcoming battle royale is set to be released this year, 2021. It could be released during the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year, we just have to watch out and stay subscribed to updates from PlaySubtly

Probably, if a consideration of PUBG ban in India is not made by Indian’s Ministry of Information and Technology, Indian’s are going to miss a taste of the futuristic battle during it’s release.

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